for health innovation at UVA

BioTrep is a Biotechnology Innovation Engine program here at UVA. They take motivated students and help them develop a good project from scratch and form a team with other motivated students. Led by recent UVA who found success with their student biotech project, they are aiming to get more real, independent, student-led biotech projects started and off the ground, so that by the time student innovators graduate, there is the real possibility of working on their innovation or startup full-time.


The UVA Entrepreneurship Group (EG) engages students with high-quality programming around entrepreneurship. Included among their many events year-round, they invite world-class speakers and entrepreneurs to speak, they connect students with startups, and organize creative workshops to educate students in design thinking and rapid prototyping. They consistently seek to establish a network of students driven towards entrepreneurial action at U.Va.


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