UVA Classes

BME 4550 – Advanced Design

(Timothy Allen and David Chen)

In this semester long course on medical design you will identify clinical problems, understand the needs that a design to solve them must address, brainstorm ideas and prototype them! In the past, projects from this class have become capstones, NCIIA (now Venture Well) funded, and some even made it to the Darden iLab.

BME 2000 – Design & Discovery

(William Guilford)

In this introductory course you will work on a real, biomedical design project and acquire valuable skills such as 3D modeling and prototyping.

COMM 2559- iStartup

(David Touve)

A 14 week intensive course starting from Founding a big idea to Functioning, Funding, and Finishing. If you’d like to experience what its like to launch a startup, here’s your chance.

ENGR 4010- Engineering in Context

(Dana Elzey)

Though typically a 4th year Capstone course, this class is available to students seriously interested in pursuing their own projects. Students in this course can create their own teams and guide their own progress. The course is a year-long commitment and requires a well designed deliverable at its conclusion.

Free Online Courses

Healthcare Data Visualization

Healthcare Data Visualization: https://www.coursera.org/course/healthdatavisual

Free Coursera class taught from Georgia Institute of Technology covering  data visualization principles, methods, and techniques and how to apply them in healthcare.


Clinical Problem Solving

Clinical Problem Solving: https://www.coursera.org/course/clinprobsolv

Free Coursera course taught by University of California San Francisco. The course examines how physicians think and problem solve  through an interactive case study method.