Scholars Lab

“The Scholars’ Lab Makerspace is a place for tinkering and experimentation with technologies like desktop fabrication, physical computing, and augmented reality. Open to everyone, we specialize in applications and research questions in the humanities and arts.” More info here:

  • 3D modeling and 3D Printing
  • Arduinos, sensors, wearables
  • Soldering, circuitry
  • Basic tools
  • GDS
  • Lots of How-To books

Monday-Friday, 1-5pm

Rice 120

Rice 120 or the Lacy Lab is an inventor’s play room and home of the Technology Leaders Program with everything you can imagine for prototyping, experimenting and making! Located in Rice Hall the lab is available to everyone during open hours.

Become a super-user and get 24/7 access: Contact Greg Lewin


  • Arduinos, sensors, shields, wearable electronics
  • Robotics and Legos
  • 3D Printing & Die Cutting
  • Foam Cutting
  • Soldering and Circuitry
  • Creative materials (pipes, wood, play-doh, zip ties, cardboard, plastics, everything imaginable)
  • Flex-Space and white-boards
  • Space to store projects over time

Health-Makers @ MR5

If your health related design project needs a home, MR5 might be the place for you. You can get swipe access, a place to permanently store your project and a community of health design projects to keep you going!

Contact to apply for 24/7 swipe access


  • Soldering and Circuitry
  • Oscilloscope and Function Generator
  • 3D scanning & 3D printing
  • Solidworks & Matlab
  • Foam Cutting
  • Creative Prototyping (Balsa Wood, Ballistic shell, play-doh)
  • Some wet lab capabilities
  • Office/workspace